Sunday, April 10, 2011

Off to the vet we go

I got a phone call Wednesday afternoon from my AC. Southeastern has started implementing a new breeding eval criteria. Since Joe has had some tummy issues while growing up, he was released from being a breeder eval. Thankfully his tummy problems are all better, after 4 different foods, he is now on a sensitive stomach food and is doing very well on it! Now that he is no longer a breeder eval it means that Joe will be heading to the vet to get neutered. 

I broke the news to Joe and he went and got his puppy coat and brought it to me. I guess he is not too disappointed that he is not going to be a daddy. 

I think Joe would have had adorable, extremely smart puppies, but personally I was going to feel sorry for his breeder host if he was picked. Joe is one puppy who needs a job; that boy is way too smart for his own good and if he doesn’t get enough work time in, he is crazy boy in the house. I guess you would call him a workaholic. One of Joe’s favorite things is his puppy coat since he knows that he gets to go out and show just how smart a puppy he is to his adoring audience who watch him wherever we go. 
Joe got his official letter from Southeastern on Friday and he is heading to the vet tomorrow to get neutered. That boy has a very busy schedule and it was a bit of a challenge to fit his surgery in where he would get several days to recover. 

I have not broken the news to Joe yet that he will not be getting breakfast in the morning. I think he will handle it a bit better than his Uncle Ely. :-) 

Joe has to be at the vet by 9 tomorrow morning and I can pick him up Tuesday morning after 9AM. I am going to miss my little Jo Jo! Hopefully he won’t figure out how to bust out of his crate at the vet. Sherman did that and went visiting with the other doggies.  Out of all my puppies, Joe would be the one who I think would try and figure it out.  :-)

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