Friday, April 1, 2011

I am one lucky puppy raiser!

Yesterday I was having a very overwhelming morning, trying to narrow down what I want to do with my life and which college to transfer to. I finally gave up for the morning and took Joe for a walk. When I got back I had a package waiting for me. Just who was this package from?!?! It was from Sherman and the wonderful gentleman who has him and his sweet wife! I always get an update from them just when I need it! 
Sherman and I right before he went IFT
They were so sweet and sent me an autographed copy of the book Two Plus Four Equals One Celebrating the partnership of people with disabilities and their assistance dogs. I have only read a little bit, but I already love it!!! 

I also got a letter about how they are doing and that they are more in love with Sherman every day.  
They also sent me article that his wife wrote about their trip to the Top Dog Conference that was featured in their state blind bulletin. It was so touching to read about their trip especially about when they went to the blessing of the guide dogs. Sherman apparently put his chest down on the floor like he was kneeling. Sherman’s partner's wife was even sweet enough to include a paragraph about Sherman’s puppy raiser, which of course made me a little teary eyed thinking back at my time with the Shermanator, but how I am so grateful for him getting matched with in such an awesome family. 

I absolutely love Sherman’s family and I am extremely blessed that they get to love and spoil Sherm even better than I could! They truly are a puppy raisers dream and I am so happy that Sherman is living and working with them!   
Sherman is one lucky dog!

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