Sunday, July 17, 2011

14 months

Today Joe turned 14 months old. Joe spent his 14 month birthday telling all of his friends at church good bye (which only made just a few people cry). A lot of our regular attendees  in kids church were not there today, which I guess might be a good thing since they loved Joe and we didn’t need a room full of crying kids.

In honor of Joe’s 14th month birthday…

14 things that Joe does well!

1) Joe can find an elevator, door, my car, stairs, and the curb in a new building or environment in a matter of seconds. He is my first puppy to actually pick up those commands so quickly. 
2) He has an awesome sit stay while he waits for his food at meal times

3) Joe knows he is not allowed to say hi to kids when he is working and will walk right past them even when they are squalling. 

4) Joe is one of the few puppies I know who will walk over to where a dead animal is, sniff the area and walk away. He has left baby birds, a mole and a squirrel that have either been brought into our yard by one of the many cats in the neighborhood or picked our yard to spend their final moments in. 

5) over the past few months, Joe, the puppy who used to hate his create, now loves his little room and will put himself to bed at night, just like his Uncle Colt. 

6) Joe is my little shopper and does wonderfully well in busy stores.
7) Joe does brilliantly when he goes into new situations. 

8) Joe has a second career as a paw signer. For most of my puppies I have stamped their paws on a sheet of paper for their scrapbook. Joe just laid there and let me put his paw all over the paper. (which is pretty big for the once puppy who didn’t like his feet being touched after a bad experience with a groomer who did his nails as a puppy)

9) Joe knows that babies need extra protection. There were some baby birds that were around our yard a few weeks ago and Joe stayed close to them till he made sure I saw them , then went off to play with his friends.

10) one of Joe’s favorite commands is switch and he does it like a pro

11) Joe is one happy puppy and always has a smile on his face and a happy tail

12) Joe already knows what the harness means and gets excited when he sees it come out
13) Ride is one of Joe’s favorite words and he is a perfect little rider

14) Joe has been a great puppy in training over the past year and I know he will love being in advanced training.

Happy 14th month birthday to my little Joe Joe!

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  1. Happy Birthday Joe! I cannot wait to meet you :)


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