Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 weeks

Joe heads back in less than 3 weeks. Hard to believe our time together is almost over! It seems like the time goes by faster the more puppies I raise. 

Joe has gotten his IFT package, a letter from the kennel assistants, and a phone call from the puppy department. All of his medical records have been sent, hotel reservations have been made, and he is starting to say his good byes to all of his fans. Joe has a very strong following and if he goes missing before we leave, I have a very long list of who might have him! 

 Can I just say I am a just a tiny bit excited for Joe to start a new chapter in his life? He is ready to head off and learn what he was born to do. Over the past few weeks he has gotten even better (if that is really possible) when we go off. It just shows that even if I am not 100% ready for Joe to leave, I have done everything I can do for Joe to be a great guide dog candidate and it is now time for him to go show his trainer just how smart he is. 

From what I hear,  Joe will have lots of lady kennel assistants to give him lots of loving and snuggle time, which I know Joe will LOVE! He is quite the lady’s man:-)

Today Joe and I went to his store (a.k.a. Trader Joe’s) and got some yummy treats to share with all of his fellow freshmen and an extra special treat for his kennel assistants and trainers.

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  1. Good luck Joe! I know you can do it. Being a guide dog is doggy fame and you were made for it.


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