Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 2

Last night Joe slept on his bed in the room and stayed there all night. I think he was tired! This morning we went for a long walk on the beach. 

We then went to Castillo de San Marcos which is the oldest fort in North America. We were getting ready to go into the fort wen one of the rangers got on his radio and made an announcement that there was a service dog entering the fort. He did so well with all the people and the heat. Joe's favorite part on the fort was the gift shop since it was air conditioned! He did try to get in the prison, but I told him he was too good to go to jail. I think Joe and I both agree that we are both very thankful for air conditioning! As we were leaving, one of the rangers gave Joe some cold water in the shade.
After we were done at the fort, we walked through part of downtown St. Augustine. Joe got some good exposures and did really well working in the heat, even though he was very hot. We then came back to get cooled off and Joe took a nap. Of course, no trip is complete without a trip to the outlets. Joe, as usual, was a great shopper.
 Since we only had a couple of hours before the sun set, we took Joe to the beach and let him go out deeper in the water. Joe prefers to stay away from the breaking waves and where it is not over his head (I, of course, can’t blame him!) He then came back and got a bath to get him all clean since you have to look good your first day of college and also for a play date with his blogger friend, Dave
Next up was a late dinner where he passed out as soon as we sat down. Joe always does his job well- when you get up to leave and everyone around you says “I didn’t know there was a puppy under there!”
 He is now passed out asleep under the desk as I type. He is going to miss hanging out and taking some good naps under desks!
Tomorrow is his last full day as a puppy in training and it is going to be a busy day!


  1. What a great last trip with Joe! He is such a good boy and I'm so excited to see what he does next.

  2. Dave can't wait to see you.... any minute now! :)

  3. Good Luck Joe! We can't wait to see what you do next!


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