Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 3

(this was written on my phone on Friday July 22nd, but I wanted all the pictures with it before I posted it)
Today was Joe's last full day as a puppy in training. We got up and my parents went to the beach while Joe and I got packed and ready to go. 
We then started the 4 1/2 hour drive to Sarasota to go to the Discovery Center. We stopped once and Joe slept though his last lunch out with me at Five Guys. He did get quite comfy in the car and slept on his back for a little while.
Joe asleep during his last lunch as a puppy in training
Joe listening during the tour of the Discovery Center
Sorry buddy, I didn’t get you anything
We got to the Discovery Center around 2:15, only to find that their hours had changed and they were closed. Thankfully, they have some very sweet ladies working there and we got a private tour and heard all about the Discovery center. Joe's favorite room was the room full of kennels where some of the trainers come Monday- Friday to work with the dogs. We also got to meet Lucy, a black lab ambassador dog, and the famous Miss. Fay who set the new record at the school by having a litter of 14 puppies. It was fun to talk to other puppy raisers and they also told me they would give Joe some love for me when they saw him. Lucy's mom volunteers in the puppy kennel and remembered Tina's litter and the black and tan pups. I know Joe is going to have fun learning some new things with his trainer!

Asleep under the desk at the hotel. I think it reminded him of his crate

We checked in at the hotel and one of the ladies who worked there said they had 8 puppies spending the night tonight.
We were on our way out to busy when we saw Frank checking in. Frank is Rocky's half brother and looks a lot like him. I think Joe would be happy if all the boys could be roomies!
For dinner we went over to the outlet mall behind the hotel, which also is one of the places Joe will be coming to train.
Giving me those puppy dog eyes again
Friday night we went over to another raisers house for Joe's last play date as a puppy in training. He got to play with Dave who is a very sweet BIG puppy. The boys played for a long time and Dave's raisers were sweet enough to get a cake with "way to go Joe" on it. Joe now wants Dave to come visit him at college so he can give him a pre-college tour.
Hi Dave!
The sweet cake that Dave’s raisers got in honor of Joe!
Dave and his raiser Meagan and Joe and I
 From all that playing Joe slept very well his last night as a puppy in training. I am sure going to miss my snuggle bug.

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  1. You guys are welcome to stay with us in Clearwater on your way to IFT with your next puppy. 8-) Just let us know.


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