Friday, July 15, 2011

Last puppy meeting

Tonight was Joe’s last puppy meeting. It still has not completely set in that I won’t have my little guy after next week. As usual Joe did a great job at the meeting. He is enjoying everyone telling him good bye more than everyone else, because he gets extra loving! I am not liking all these 'lasts' with Joe, since it means 'lasts' for me for as well, at least for a little while as I am taking a short break from raising.  
Joe and his friend Baity (who is only 6 months old, but almost the same size as Joe!)


  1. It's nice to take a little break. Raising guide dog puppies is an emotional roller coaster and it's so much work. I am rooting for Joe and hoping to hear about him graduating soon!

  2. Wow, Joe - time sure has flown!
    I do remember when you first started attending the puppy meetings, such a furry cute puppy you were!
    You are now heading off for college, and I wish you the best with your "guide dog studies", though I don't think you need it :)
    But I do have one quick favor for you to ask your raiser... If she happens to get the chance to visit the training kennel... please tell Rudy I said hi!

    Allison - Rudy's Raiser

  3. Thanks Alexis!

    I will keep my eyes out for Rudy:-)


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Rebecca and Joe