Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Early Morning Visit to the Vet

On Friday morning, we got up bright and early to head to the vet for Rocky’s 16 week shots and Ely's check up from his surgery on his knee 8 weeks ago. Our appointment was at 7:30 to help out Ely who couldn’t eat anything. Rocky loves going to the vet while Ely, on the other hand, would rather go anywhere else. Once we got back to the room, a vet tech took Ely back because he had to get sedated to get an x-ray on his knee. Rocky was concerned at Ely leaving and there was a dog in the back who was not too happy. All that changed when Dr. Brian in, he LOVES Dr. Brian and gets all happy. Rocky was giving him lots of kisses when he was checking him out. Rocky didn’t like getting his shots, but was a good sport. He weighed in at 32.8 lbs.

Rocky at the vet

After Rocky was done, we waited on Ely. Dr. Brian came back to tell us that all the plates and pins were in place and his bone was healing nicely. Ely still has a few places that still need to grow and get a little stronger before letting him be 100% back to normal. He is on a 2-3 more weeks of no running and somewhat limited exercise. I am happy that he is healing well and will be back to normal in just a few more weeks! They then brought Ely in, he looked like he was drunk. He was wobbling back and forth. I took him out to go potty and the poor little thing ran into the door. His eyes were so droopy; they looked like a basset hound eyes. I have never seen a more pitiful dog, he was so out of it. It took him about 5 hours to start to come out of it enough to realize that he didn’t get breakfast.

Ely on the way home from the vet. Look at those eyes!

Both Ely and Rocky slept most of the rest of the day. I attempted to take them for a walk Friday night, but they were still both kind of out of it so we didn’t get very far.

What the boys wanted to do all day, lay out in the sun.

Two sleeping puppies


  1. My pup Marley had shoulder surgery, and when we went in for a checkup one morning he also ran into the door!!! Oh poor sleepy eyed pups.


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