Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Colt!!

I can’t believe that Colt turned 4 years old today! It seems like yesterday when we were driving down to a prison in SC to pick up two black lab puppies for our group. Once we got there it turned out to be one black and one white lab puppy. I got the round belly puppy, named Colt. Colt was sponsored by a gun club and was named after a small hand gun. The white puppy was his sister Tina. I remember Colt looked like a little bear cub when we first got him. Colt made my first baby puppy experience pretty easy. He was such a smart puppy and was completely housebroken in 6 days! His nickname from one of the trainers who worked with our group at the time was bowling ball, because he was a very chubby round puppy. He was one of the easiest puppies to train and was always eager to learn something new. When I had to give up Colt it was a tough weekend. I was able to travel down to Florida with my AC and one of my friends who were returning their puppy as well. It was a long way down there when you know that they are not coming back with you. When I handed the leash to the trainer on that sunny Florida morning in November, Colt trotted of never looking back. When I got the call that Colt had been matched in an in-home-placement I was extremely excited. The man who received Colt got a very special puppy. I was able to talk to him on the phone, since there was no puppy raiser day for in-home-placements, and he had already fallen in love with him. I got to talk to his trainer when I checked him out during walk-a-thon in February. His trainer told me that he was such a sweet heart and she enjoyed finishing his training. She did comment on the fact that he didn’t like water. He never did enjoy going swimming! It is so hard to think that almost 4 years have gone by since I was holding that cute little pup in my arms. I know that Colt is enjoying getting up early every morning and heading to work. He loved going new places, working, and getting up at the crake of dawn (something I didn’t really enjoy at the time). Happy 4th birthday to the S5 litter! (Colt, Tina, Marjo, Googy, Eric, Henry, plus 2 other who I didn’t get to meet)
Colt King of the Rock
Colt at 9 weeks
Colt at 9 weeks
On the way home from picking Colt and Tina up
Colt and Tina at a year old

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  1. Happy Birthday Colt!!

    Btw I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of Rocky in your header!!


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