Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puppy Class

On Saturday, Rocky attended puppy class. The topic of the day - distractions. Everyone brought something that would be distracting to help their own puppy and the other puppies become used to it and learn how to leave it alone. I took bubbles not just plain bubbles, but scented bubbles. There was all kinds of stuff. All of the pups did a great job leaving all the fun stuff alone. We also worked on obedience. We split up between baby puppies and the big dogs. I was asked to lead the baby group which I didn’t mind doing. Mostly what we did were sits, and downs, with a few stays. We also passed around the pups to different raisers who then worked with them during the routine. This helps them become used to working with different people and helps them understand that they have to listen to what other people tell them to do.

Rocky, Kukla and Chelsea

Five cute puppies getting some water

Rocky did great during the meeting. He got tired and hot towards the end of the meeting, but other than that he did everything he was told to do. It totally wore him out and he slept the afternoon away.

Rocky and Ely after puppy meeting

Rocky loves to sleep next to Ely


  1. Distraction work is awesome, especially when you have a nice big group like that. Way to go!!

  2. This is our first puppy to raise and it is a bit overwhelming. I jsut realized I was doing the stairs all wrong! We'll correct it and he's so smart, he'll get it, but it worries me that we might miss something else. But that's what the meetings are for, right!? Thanks for connecting me to your blog. I'm going to enjoy reading it. 8-) Also, what do you use for your watermarking?


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