Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ely!!

My sweet little Ely turns 3 today! Ely was the most laid back puppy in his younger days and not much has changed over the years. Even though he loves to go places (other than the vet) he prefers to lie out in the sun and take a nap. When I picked up Ely on that late September day in 2006, he was a chubby little pup with the face of an old dog. It took a lot a arranging to get him up here, thankfully there was a trainer for the school that lives up here who was meeting someone else from the school part way to pick up a dog for a home placement and was more than happy to bring back a puppy. Ely was the first baby puppy that she had ever transported. I almost didn’t get Ely, they wanted to keep him.

Picking up Ely

Taking a nap while visiting family

Being adorably cute
Being superman
Ely was a special puppy because I was able to sponsor him. I had raised enough money from the annual walk-a-thon to name my next puppy. It took me 3 months to come up with a name. I went through so many names and finally picked out Ely. I choose it for several reasons. First it means defender of men; a guide dog protects their owners from obstacles that can hurt them. Secondly Eli was the high priest of Israel and the teacher of Samuel in the Old Testament. I wanted a name that was biblical. I choose to spell his name different then how everyone else spelled it because he was going to be a special dog and I just liked how Ely looked.

Ely has always like to pick flowers (he is no longer allowed in my mom's garden since he pick all of her flowers)

Colt and Ely
Ely was a joy to raise and I was sad that he had hip dysplasia, but extremely happy that he could come home forever. I can’t believe he is turning 3 already! I have no clue how he will act as he gets older, since he already acts like a 10 year old. Hopefully he won’t have too many more major problems through the years.

Ely on the beach (one of my favorite pictures!)

Happy puppy!

Mr. Cool Ely and one of his best buds, Ralph

Ely getting use to the harness at his last puppy meeting
Even though Ely would have made a great guide dog, I am happy to call him my dog and he enjoys being a therapy dog and a very spoiled rotten pet.
I made him a birthday cake. I don’t really use a recipe when I make dogs treats. I might use one as a guide but most of the time I create my own recipes. For Ely’s birthday cake I made a peanut butter, apple, banana, chocolate (using carob powered) version. Let’s just say it was lab tested and approved:) Ely LOVED it and somehow knew that it was for him when I first started making it. The cake weighted about 2 ½ lbs and was very dense. Ely and Rocky both got some cake and the rest I cut up and froze them for later. He got treats, special chew bones, and a new nylabone for his birthday. He seems to be enjoying his special day, though he wishes he didn’t have to wear a birthday hat:) I will post pictures from his birthday later.


  1. Happy Birthday Ely! What a neat look back and sounds like you had a wonderful time!


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