Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday morning adventures

On Sunday morning, it was just me and the dogs so I got up early to take them for a walk before heading to church. Rocky and Ely are super good walkers and walk right beside me on loose leashes - something (I guess) people don’t see very much during their walks because people always comment on how well behaved they are.

Rocky during kids church

At church, people were amazed by how much more energy Rocky had and how much he had grown. Rocky wasn’t crazy, but was awake and walking with me instead of wanting to take a nap. Rocky did a great down stay several times throughout the morning when I would have to go take stuff to different benches. The loud music and kids dancing does not bother him one bit, in fact he usually goes to sleep. The kids are finally to the point that they don’t even ask to pet Rocky before or during kids church but wait till after it is over and then ask. I am so proud of them; it is a hard thing to learn and all the kids from kindergarten to 5th grade have gotten it. Rocky got a sticker because he behaved so nicely on Sunday.

After we were done teaching in kids church we headed over to the adult service. Rocky was great during the service and curled up on his blanket and went to sleep (he gets a blanket because the floors are concrete and get really cold after a while.) Rocky got petted by a lot of younger children and toddlers. He did great with the not so gentle petting that they gave him. He was happy to give them kisses anyways. We even got to talk to a couple who has an aunt who raises for Southeastern in Georgia.

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