Thursday, July 16, 2009

A month update in photos

So I have been horrible about posting for the past month, so to make it up I am posting a ton of pictures of some of the big events that have happened in the life of Rocky. Enjoy!
First Sunday at church
First Sunday at church helping teaching 1st grade (the only reason he was on the bench, was because the kids were playing tag and were coming a little too close to the sleeping Rocky)
One of Rocky's first visitors, Chelsea
First trip to a sit down restaurant
Rocky and Spike after their first puppy meeting
Rocky on the huge bed at 9 weeks
Rocky meeting a few firemen. He was invited to go for a ride in the firetruck.
Rocky's weight at his first vet appointment
Rocky at his vet appointment. He tried to get the puppy in the mirrors to play with him.
At Cracker Barrel
One tired puppy
During his first College class
After a tiring 3 hour class. I could not of asked for a better puppy to take to class with me.
During second puppy meeting.
At the park where the meeting was held
Playtime during the meeting
watching the kids playing a game at church
Play date with Spike and Duchess
Spike and Rocky taking a nap together while we were puppy sitting Spike for a few days
Spike and Rocky on the playground
going for a slide a tired puppy after a hard day of shopping
During his first guide dog program for 4o kids at a camp
Getting lots of love from all the kids
taking a short nap while shopping
not wanting to leave Home Depot
First dip in the pool
sliding into Ely
Sliding down the ramp that we put in for Ely(since he couldn't go up and down stairs after his surgery)
A tired, wet puppy after playing in the pool
Wanting more food
with his pairs of shoes, Rocket dog
He looks so small!
up close with the big bull
taking a break in the pool
helping decorate the 4th of July float
During the July 4th Parade. He rode standing up the entire time, he never tried to get out.
after a tiring ride in the parade
He has so many winkles right now!
"One day I will fit"
During his second guide dog program for a camp (no pictures from his third program)
(LtoR: Duchess, Rocky and Spike)
close up during one of his naps waiting patiently while shopping His weight during the third trip to the vet. Rocky somehow picked up quite a few parasites and was not growing and having an upset stomach. After quite a bit of medicine he is feeling a lot better and is growing like a weed, 6 lbs in less than a week!
He lost his first tooth! so far he has lost his two bottom front teeth. Unfortunately I have not been able to find them yet, but I will get a few of them:)
Taking a nap after a hard day playing, and working
Rocky is such a sweet puppy and is really good about playing with a toy by himself, which can be pretty funny at times. He is starting to act more like a puppy now that he is feeling better and loves to go places and be outside. He has been a ton of places and is always on his best behavior. Everywhere we go everyone has to comment on how cute and well behaved he is. I know that he is going to be so much fun to train and raise, he has been so far.

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