Sunday, September 27, 2009

6 Months

Rocky turned 6 months old today! Where have the last 4 months gone?! Rocky has gotten huge in those few short months. He is a big boy now and acts marvelously wherever we go. He is a joy to have and I am so happy that I am able to raise such a special puppy

The day we picked up Rocky. He was so little!

6 things about the Rock on his 6 month birthday.

1) Rocky has been a relatively easy puppy to train; he has had wonderful house manners since we picked him up and picks up on commands quickly.

2) Rocky LOVES to sleep, I think he has been hanging around Ely too much and has picked up on his calm nature.

3) He loves his food and his treats, but his all time favorite snack is ice. He will do anything for it!

4) Rocky has not met a stranger, he loves everyone he meets! He especially loves kids and his doggy friends. He loves to play with the black lab that lives across the street and his most favorite friend, his brother Spike.

5) Rocky has freckle coloring on most of his fur; everyone thinks that he is so cute with all his speckles. He even has two black spots on his tongue.

6) Rocky has gotten a wavy coat and gotten darker in the last month. His angel wings are very defined, which just shows how much of an angel he is.

If you look close, you can see the black spots on his tongue "I am not going to look"

Rocky is such a fun dog to take places, he walks perfectly on a leash, unless he gets a really tired, and not much fazes him when we are out.

Happy 6 month birthday to the B09 litter (Rocky, Spike, Duchess, Cassidy and Toby)

What Rocky loves to do

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