Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Fun Exposures

I found some pictures on my phone from a few weeks ago. Rock went to Costco and got to meet a polar bear and picked out his Halloween costume. He also got to say hi to all of his friends that work there, and there are a lot.

That night, we were going to go to a baseball game, but everyone else thought the same thing, so we went to the mall instead. Rocky went to REI and got to check out all the smells of the outdoors. It was a two story store and had thin wires as the railings on the staircase and around the openings. When Rocky walked past and looked down I don’t think he saw that there was a railing and all he saw was a drop off. We worked on that and less than 10 minutes later he had absolutely no problem with it.

We then went to a book store which was also two stories, but instead of stairs they had escalators. Rocky was fascinated with the escalators, he just watched them. I think he will have fun learning how to ride them when he goes back to school.

Rocky did really good in both places and he got to pick him out a new collar at REI. He got a cute blue striped LARGE collar. He is getting so big!


  1. A quick question? As a guide dog, he is allowed to ride on the escalators? As a puppy raiser for a service dog organization we are told that the dogs can't ride the escalators. Just a random question :)


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