Friday, September 11, 2009

College Already!

Rocky is attending college at his young age. He attended class with me on Thursday. It was a relatively quiet class, mainly due to the fact that it was sign language, so we are not allowed to talk. Rocky went in and walked right under my desk and went to sleep. My teacher wanted to know what his name was and how old he was. I signed that his name was Rocky and that he was 5 months old. He smiled and did a little boxing move. Once class started he asked the class what new face in the class. No one had realized that he was in class. There were several people around me who kept on forgetting that he was there. Rocky so didn’t act like a 5 month old puppy; he acted like he was a much older dog. He was so good, and slept through class, curled up on my feet.

Rocky also got to meet some of the lovely ladies in Student Life and some of the student government. Everyone adored him and he gave out lots of love.

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