Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Expedition Uptown

On Saturday our puppy group had a scavenger hunt uptown. We had 4 different places uptown to check out. To make it even better, there was a walk for heart disease so there were a lot of people there. We partnered up with another raiser and her dog Hugh and her adorable 6 month old baby. Rocky didn’t seem to be bothered by the stroller or Dixie.

The first stop was an intersection with a ton of people, fountains that you could walk through, lots of food on the ground and some very interesting exposures too! Rocky didn’t care about any of it though.

Rocky Meeting the law

The second stop was a park with statues, talking walls, fountains, other animals and people. I have taken all of my puppies to the park and it is a great place for photos! It is probably one of my favorite places to go downtown.

The boys "Why is there water coming of his mouth?" My big dog Hugh a really big dog! Looking adorably cute as always!

The third stop was the bus terminal. There were a lot of loud buses and a lot of people. We walked through and on the way back we saw a working guide dog. This lady and her guide dog walk through my college campus all the time, but I have never gotten to see them up close. She had a smaller, older, chocolate lab. The lady was very grateful. We then went and got on and off the busses and Rocky and Hugh didn’t seem to care. On the way back we passed by some really steep steps and so we decided to go up them. Once we got up there, there was a huge blow up man. They didn’t care one bit. On the way back we worked on walking on grates. Rocky did wonderfully.

Guide dog getting on the bus Rocky on the bus Walking on grates

The last stop was the library and a museum. I love one of the quotes on the outside of the library! Rocky got to meet a small mobile unit, AKA a toddler.

While we were walking from one place to another, Rocky got to meet some police men on bikes and the Harris teeter mascot, a dragon. Rocky was more interested in sniffing him than anything else. There were also about 100 motorcycles that went by. Rocky looked and then kept on walking.

After the meeting most of our group went out to lunch. Rocky passed out under the table, didn’t care one bit that there were dogs all around him.

Rocky did a great job! I was a very proud puppy raiser.


  1. What a neat outting - and how convenient you had a picture taker with you - that's always a problem for me!

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I enjoyed meeting you and the adorable Rocky at the scavenger hunt meeting. Although you two make this guide dog puppy raising thing seem easy, I'll want to learn lots from you both. Thanks for sharing the tidbits of info.

    Biscuits & barks to Rocky,


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