Saturday, September 26, 2009


On Thursday Rocky had a busy day. He went to my sign language class with me and slept through it. We ran into a former puppy raiser during our short break and then he slept some more. I have come to the conclusion that it must be very tiring to sleep during class, because Rocky always comes home and sleeps some more.

He had puppy meeting Thursday night; his brother Spike and his raiser rode to class with us. The boys got to play for about 30 minutes before we left, to release a little energy. It is so much fun to watch Rocky and Spike play. They love each other and I know that Rocky looks forward to Mondays when he gets to go spend the morning playing and chilling with his brother Spike.

Rocky at college Rocky and Spike on the way to puppy class

Thursday obedience class was all about distractions. Rocky did a good job ignoring all the distractions. He got really tired towards the end, but then on the way home he got a burst of energy and the little boys talked to each other most of the way home. They sounded like Dory’s imitation of the whale in the movie Finding Nemo.Too funny!

Walking past popcorn

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