Monday, March 8, 2010

11 months!

So I am a little late posting this, but it has been a crazy week! Anyways my little Rocky turned 11 months last Saturday the 27th. He is truly a wonderful pup and I love every second that I have him!

So in honor of Rocky turning 11 month. . .

11 of Rocky’s favorite things

1) His friends- Rocky loves his 2 and 4 legged friends. Everywhere we go they know Rocky by name!

2) Food-what lab doesn’t like eating!

3) His coat- boy does Rocky know what the coat means! He loves going anywhere and is fabulous wherever he goes!

4) ice- I have never met a dog that loved ice as much as he does!

5) walks- rain or shine, it does not matter to him.

6) attention- something Rocky can never get enough of! He knows when people are talking about him and he just sits down and wags his tail!

7) car rides- I guess he has figured out that he gets to go someplace when he gets in the car. He is a great rider!

8) his toys and bones- Rocky enjoys throwing his bones or kongs up in the air which is adorable! He enjoys his time chewing on his bone.

9) water- Rocky adores water, baths or a swim it does not matter. I personally think it is kind of funny when he blows bubbles in his water bowl.

10) His bed- Rocky will sleep anywhere, but seems to enjoy sleeping on his bed or in one of his favorite spots in the house.

11) for everyone being together- Rocky’s motto is never leave a man behind, he likes everyone to be together and will check to make sure everyone is coming.

Rocky is a great puppy! Whatever career he chooses and whoever gets him will truly be blessed!

Happy 11 month birthday Rocky!


  1. Happy 11 months Rocky, only 1 more month to go... and we will be a whole YEAR OLD!!


  2. Happy BirthdaY Rock!!! Love that you included photos for each thing!! May have to steal that idea!! :-))


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