Sunday, March 21, 2010

Play date

Sorry for lack of posting, but is has been crazy around here and have not been able to get around to posting.

I was supposed to lead our local puppy meeting yesterday, but some misunderstanding caused it to be canceled. So what to do with an open gorgeous Saturday afternoon? Rocky said, “invite all of his friends over” and that is exactly what I did! There were 9 lovely labs that enjoyed playing with each other for around 2 hours. Three of Rocky’s siblings came, Spike, Duchess and Cassidy along with fellow pup in training Sparkie, career changed dogs Ely and Tillie and our neighbors Cole and Molly.

They all had so much fun playing together and chilling underneath the trees eating ice. Ely decided after he lead one lap around the yard that the mud spot on the far side of the yard was a good place to chill; he later watched from his throne (our big rock in our yard).

Rocky walked around with the biggest smile on his face the entire time. I guess it gave them a little taste of how it will be in a few more weeks when they get to play together at school.

I am guessing that I am the pack leader of the dogs that were here yesterday; they would not stop following me around. I felt like the dog whisperer for a moment! I had a very stable pack, with all those dogs; not one of them said anything not nice and they all played well together.

Let’s just say Rocky came in and crashed and still is recovering from his crazy weekend.

I love being able to set up a quick play date with the dogs that live so close to us; it is great for the dogs and gives the raisers some time to talk.


  1. You could make post cards out of some of those shots! How fun!!!

  2. Man if I knew about this, I may have brought Toby, he would have loved it!
    I was looking forward to the bowling meeting, oh well :(

    Toby's Raiser


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