Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rocky’s weekend with the girls

Rocky enjoyed house sitting for another raiser with me this weekend. She has two career changed dogs and 3 cats. Rocky was a little interested in the cats to begin with, but learned to ignore them. He did try to get them to play and found out that cats just don’t play like dogs.

Rocky did enjoy playing with Missy and Siggy and was pretty tired once he got home; then he had all of his friends come over which just made him even more tired. Rocky is really good at separating himself from other dogs to take a rest, which means he has some awesome self control when it comes to playing. Rocky and the girls got along so well together. Rocky would of love if Bingo (her PIT) was there to play with too, but she is at puppy camp right now.


  1. They all look pretty evenly matched for size. All three look pretty tired. I bet they all had a great time!


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