Monday, March 22, 2010

Rocky got mail. . .

Rocky received his very first birthday card in the mail today. Who better to be the first to wish him happy birthday than all the fabulous ladies in the puppy department at SEDGI! Rocky enjoyed helping open it by ripping off one of the corners of the envelope; he is such a good helper!

I had known that they were sending out cards back in the fall, but it was way cuter then I had thought. What made it even more special was that it has one of my treat recipes that I created on the inside cover. I guess that means that Rocky will want some treats for his birthday! I will have to see what I can whip up for him.

I can’t believe the little guy is going to be 1 on Saturday; he grew up way too fast!


  1. Those are some really cute cards, Toby just got his also - and he is begging me to make him some cookies...

    Toby's Raiser


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