Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Rocky!!!

So the little guy is now a whole year old! I can’t believe he grew up so fast. He had a packed full birthday including attending a training meeting with me for my job this morning and a puppy meeting in the afternoon. I will give details later of today’s events when I have not been up since 5 in the morning.

Rocky enjoyed his chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, his presents and all of his birthday cards. He has another surprise coming tomorrow which I know he will love. I also got something in the mail today, which I can’t wait to do with Rocky, but you guys will have to wait till I am able to think straight to find out what it is.

Happy 1st birthday to the sweetest, smartest, most handsome, lovable dog in the world! Rocky you will never know just how special you are! Hopefully by this time next year he will be with his forever owner enjoying whatever job he decides.


  1. Happy Birthday Rocky! What a big milestone!

  2. Happy Birthday Rocky, we are glad you had a special day :)

  3. Happy birthday, dear Rocky! You are such a handsome fellow.

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Rocky!

    I meant to say this earlier but our computer is having some major problems and doesn't always want to work for me.

    You "Rock" big guy!!

    Meagan and Ellie


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