Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I wonder how Rocky would like to live in Australia. . .

Fellow puppy raisers should understand by the title what this post is about. For the rest of our readers, I found out today that Rocky will be heading off to start a new adventure in his life April 12-15. It was a bit of a shock when I opened my e-mail, as I was not expecting him to go back so soon.

Rocky will be the first of my puppies to start this adventure so young at only 12 ½ months old. But as hard as it is for me to admit, Rocky is so ready to start the next step in his journey! I on the other hand not so ready to let him go, but I guess I will never be ready. Even though I will only have had Rocky for 10 ½ months, I know he will be super hard to give up. He has a great personality that allows him to have everyone wrapped around his paw.

I know that Rocky will have a blast at college, the dogs are truly spoiled down there. It helps a little having heard just over a week ago from some of the SEGDI trainers say how great Rocky is and how handsome he is. The head of the breeding department loved him, so that might help since he is a breeder eval. I personally think he would have gorgeous, smart puppies. If he does not make it as a breeder, he will make a great guide and if he decides that is not for him, he will do fabulous in any job he decides.

I have quite a few spies that have already said they would keep an eye on Rocky while he is down there and give him some extra loving from me. Rocky will enjoy his days playing with his new friends and roomies and going new places with the super cool trainers!

I know Rocky will continue to make me proud in his new journey, just as he has made me proud every minute of every day I have had him!


  1. wow what school is he going to? Truffle's is part an international litter but they won't tell us what school is looking at her litter.

    have a good time down under - study hard and make your mom proud. (and don't forget to write)

  2. Good boy,Rocky! Wow, 12 1/2 months, that IS young! He'll do great,though :)

  3. We'll have to talk about getting the pups to FL. Maybe we can carpool.

  4. Oh man! I'm so sad for you, but happy for Rocky. Mainly sad for you right now!

  5. Carrie- Rocky will be returning to Southeastern Guide Dogs in Florida. I was thinking about leaving the country with him and Australia sounded pretty cool. But that was only for a second. I know there are great things for Rocky in the future, just much closer than expected.

    Emily- It is young, but I have to admit that he is smart and will enjoy Florida a extra month and a half earlier than I expected for him to enjoy it.

    Dianne- I think Rocky and Spike would go anywhere if they could just be together. I am hoping they get to be roomies while they are in college, they normally try to keep siblings together if they come in at the same IFT date.

    Bingo’s mom- it has not really set in that he is leaving in about a month, it never does through.

  6. Enjoy your last month with Rocky! He's going to be great in college. Will you raise another pup right away or wait a bit?

  7. Rocky,
    Toby & I are planning a 2 year China trip... wanna come?

    Toby's Raiser

    P.S. My dad & I are planning on going down to FL for dropping off Toby, we will have room for 2 other dogs with their raiser's. If you are planning on taking Rocky down & want to ride with us, let me know

  8. Mimi- Thanks! I am hoping to raise again, some stuff has to get worked out. If I do raise again, I am hoping to get a puppy from my 2nd puppy’s sister.

    Erin- Thanks!

    Allie- I think China is a little too busy for Rocky, but I do know someone he would love to live with over there. Thanks for the offer; I have had several people offer to take Rocky back so far. Let me check with the others and I will get back with you.

  9. Wow, already? Wel how cool is that, going down under! Like you said he is such a great dog, he will do wonderful for someone. I know it will be sad for you, too.

  10. Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment for only 12 months old.

  11. Rebecca,
    Congratulations on raising such a beautiful dog. I have just finished that journey with Trego, my first puppy for KSDS, Inc., in Kansas. She was released because of cataracts last week. I am also raising Beale, a beautiful four month old black lab. I have been combing the Internet for puppy-in-training sites today and came across yours! Thanks for sharing your stories.

    Becka and Beale in Sacramento


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