Monday, March 7, 2011

Did someone say cake....

Joe was extra sweet today, I guess he knew it was my birthday! He gave me lots of kisses and snuggles and followed me around all morning. He was perfect on our walk this morning in the sunny weather. I believe he had a blast when some of his favorite people came over in the afternoon to play with him. He was nice and tired by the time I got home from work (where the wonderful family I work with threw me a little party!)
Joe and Ely being very snuggly! They both have their heads resting on me
Joe and Ely slept snuggled up together during dinner (Those two sleep in the same position a lot!). I guess I am pretty easy to shop for since, for the most part, if it has something to do with dogs they know I will like it! 
The card from my parents. It has a dog on the front with the caption “do I smell cake?” on the front.  The black doggy on the card even has some tan on it!
I am honored to have been able to celebrate my 21st birthday with an adorable puppy, a sweet dog, and my awesome family! 
 Joe, Ely and I once I got home from work. They were not in the modeling mood at the time :)
Apparently today was too much of a party for Joe as he is now passed out!  


  1. Happy Birthday! Joe sounds like a great pup!

  2. Happy Birthday ! Glad you had a great day

  3. Thanks! Joe is an awesome puppy! I am very blessed to be raising such a remarkable pup!


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