Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obedience class and new addition to our group

This past Thursday I was asked to lead our monthly obedience class. I was pretty excited as I always love  to pass on all the tip and tricks that I have learned through the years from some awesome people - fellow puppy raisers and trainers. 

Joe and I, along with Dianne, ( Rocky’s brother, Spike’s raiser) who worked Joe for me at the meeting, got there early to meet the newest member of our group. Introducing Baity - he is an adorable 8 week old yellow lab boy. He is such a snuggly little guy and looks like a little polar bear cub. 
We worked on food, dog and some other interesting distractions, as well, as obedience. All the puppies did great! Joe did awesome working with someone else while I was standing beside him (He had come home from puppy camp more clingy than before he left, but I think part of that was he was just happy to be home). 

At the end of the meeting we went over some handouts, because I LOVE handouts! 

I, for one, love leading meetings and am excited to lead another one in a few months!


  1. Rebecca,

    Your group and Baity's raiser may be interested in this article from BellaDog.



  2. Thanks Jennifer! I will pass that article along to Baity’s raisers! Baity is a very laid back and sweet puppy. From what I hear he is doing awesome so far!


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