Monday, March 14, 2011

New toy!

Joe finally was able to play with one of his Christmas presents today! He fell asleep when we were doing presents Christmas day, so he has been getting his gifts spread out so that he can play with and enjoy them, instead of getting overwhelmed with all these new toys.
The toy that he got today is currently his favorite (even though we have quite a few of the same toy already). Joe has been playing with his new red kong all day. He did very well about leaving his new toy alone until he was given the command to take a break. Joe played with his kong for over an hour by himself.  Mr. Talented figured out how to throw the kong across the floor to make it bounce and then would chase after it. It was quite entertaining! 
We were heading out for a walk tonight, when Joe’s friend, Cole, opened his front door and came running across the street to play.  The boys played for a few minutes before we went for our walk and had a training session. 
Both of the boys have been in a chewing mode tonight, so it looks like something died in our living room from all the bones!
Ely asleep with his new toy in his mouth. He loves his frog!

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