Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday night out on the town

Joe was ready to get out on the town tonight! However, we first had to wait for the rest of my family to get ready, so Joe and I went to run off some energy in the backyard. Joe may not be the fastest puppy, but he loves to run! Once everyone was ready we headed off to Home Depot, a.k.a., the man store. All of my puppies are true boys and have all loved going to Home Depot. Joe was such a patient boy while we looked at paint, carpet, countertops, flowers and lights.
The next stop out was to one of his favorite restaurants, B.T. Burgers. They always love for the puppies to come in there. Most of Joe’s friends were not working tonight, but he still had fun ignoring the stray fry here and there.  Joe just chilled out waiting for my mom to finish talking to one of her friends she has not seen in a long time. He even ignored a really tempting corn chip just inches from his nose.
Since Joe just turned 10 months old yesterday, it marked the day that we started teaching the find commands. After just a day and half of using the find the door command, Joe already knows it! He even tried to open one of the doors by hitting it with his nose once he found it! The smart guy figured out how to turn the TV on his morning by hitting the button with his chin. I guess I better watch him in the car or else he might try his paws out at driving!
Today has been one of the hottest days of the year, setting a record of 84 degrees. Which means it was quite warm out today compared to what the weather has been. Since Joe will most likely be going back to Southeastern Guide Dogs (for those who don’t know, it is located in Palmetto, FL) this summer, I thought we should go ahead and take advantage of this hot weather to start conditioning Joe to working out in the heat. We went for a walk around 12 today and Joe panted a little bit more than normal, but besides that was fine. I personally am not a huge fan of walking in that kind of heat or walking in the rain for that matter, but if it means that Joe is 100% comfortable working in all sorts of weather then that is all that matters and we will continue taking our rain and heat walks!

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