Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our weekend

Joe has had some fun this weekend. 

Yesterday he went for a long walk and then he got to have lunch with one of his favorite people (Chelsea) and his sister Lexie. Joe and Lexie did splendidly in Olive Garden during lunch; I don’t think most people knew that there were dogs in there, which is how we want it! :-)  After lunch we made a visit to PetSmart to get the Big Guy some more food. We went to a different PetSmart than our normal one and there was still someone who knew Joe by name. I always knew Joe was popular! Joe and Lexie did great with all the distractions in the store. They have a very good brother/sister bond and normally talk to each other, but they both have gotten a lot better about not talking so much to each other in public!
Joe and Lexie sitting beside each other in PetSmart
Joe and Lexie at PetSmart totally ignoring the birds in the cage!

Today Joe slept through kids’ church and then regular church. He makes an awesome foot warmer!  Joe even slept through a water bottle falling on him from a little boy in front of us (thankfully the water bottle was closed!) We then went out to lunch and came home and went for a walk in the gorgeous weather. I, for one, am already enjoying the extra hour of sun light at night! 
Joe doing a sit stay in between his play time in the yard 
Joe running with his red Kong wubba in the yard
Ely is enjoying his longer walk; he gets excited when we go a little farther each walk. We are now up to a 20 minute walk!


  1. He's such a pretty boy! I too am enjoying the extra sunlight! :)

  2. :) we made the blog, what a honour! They did do very well and it was nice to catch up. I'm leading the meeting in two weeks so hope to see you there.

  3. We had fun too! Joe and I will definitely be at the meeting. If you need any help, just let me know! Can’t wait!


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