Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just another day

Today while we were at lunch, there was a little boy who was with his mother and his nurse. The little boy was in a wheel chair and his mother told me that he was going to be getting an assistance dog in August. She asked if it was okay if he could pet Sherman. I always let Sherman get petted by small children, elderly individuals, and people with disabilities so that he will not be afraid of them. Sherman went up to the little boy and sat in front of his wheelchair and just licked his hand. I love the sound of the laughter that little boy was making. You could not help but smile. The mother is so excited to be getting a dog that can help her son and was very appreciative of what I do. With Sherman going back next week, it helped seeing someone who will be getting a service dog and seeing the joy of the people whose lives will be changed.

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