Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sherman’s last day going to college which of course could not be a nice quiet day. Sherman was taking a nice nap in English, while I was working on my research paper. The fire alarm started going off, Sherman popped up and I think everyone in class jumped. It was a really loud alarm with the strobe lights. Sherman got to evacuate the building with everyone else. He went down the 5 flights of stairs and stood in the parking lot next to the building. It turns out that it was a fire drill. We headed back up the 5 flights of stairs and then went back to class. My English teacher told Sherman bye and told him that if he didn’t make it as a guide dog then she would pay anything to adopt him. She loved Sherman (of course everyone who meets Sherman loves him!) My class got out a few minutes early so my friend and I decided to take the elevator. The elevator decided to not make up its mind and we went from the 5th floor down to the 1st floor back up to the 4th floor and then back down to the 1st floor again. It turns out that the elevator got stuck and sent us back up. Going up and down like that makes you really dizzy. We headed down to another building for my next class and there were about 10 police officers and security standing outside of the building. We were just about to go in and I got called over my about 5 of them. I hate being called over by security when I am out with a puppy in training. But they were sweet security guards who just wanted to let me know that there were be another fire drill in a little while and just wanted to make sure that Sherman would be okay. Sherman didn’t have a problem with the first fire drill so we headed up to class since I didn’t want to be late. We headed up the 3 flights of stairs and as soon as we got in front of our class room the fire alarm goes off so we get to go back down the stairs. It was kind of funny as we were coming down the stairs, someone shouted make way for the dog he is more important than any of us. After we got the all clear we headed back up the stairs to our class. Sherman slept through class and then went to tell all of his friends in student life bye. I dropped Sherman off with my mom while I went to take a test; he was not happy that I left him. After my test we went to get some lunch did some shopping ,and said goodbye to his favorite person at the library. Then we went to pick up Ely who had spent the day with my grandparents. My sister went to the preview of the movie Earth last night and stopped by to tell Sherman bye. We watched the preview of Earth and Sherman just sat there and watched the entire thing. He is the most curious puppy that I have had and loves to watch TV. He liked watching all of the animals and would probably had watched the entire movie if he went to see it.
I think he was still not awake all the way yet.
Finding my chair
Taking a nap
Looking at the fire alarm going off.
Leaving the building.
taking a nap after all the stairs
In front of the elevator
During fire drill #2
He got bored.
Going in the library
Such a cute face.

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