Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last obedience class

Last Thursday, Sherman attended his last obedience class with me. He got to prance around wearing the harness and was super good. He looks all grown up wearing the harness and appears ready to be guide dog. It is hard to believe that my time with my little Sherm is almost up. It seemed like so long ago I was taking this tiny little puppy named Sherman to his first puppy meeting. He didn’t know much, but was a quick learner and caught on fast. That little puppy has grown up to be a confident, mature, and extremely sweet young dog. When I take Sherman out with me, he is the perfect dog. I guess that is the signal that they are ready to go start a new adventure in their life. I have taught him all I can teach him and now I have to let him spread his wings and fly. Sherman looking all grown up.


  1. Thats so neat that your puppies get to wear harnesses during their raising stage. Good luck to Sherman, he will do great! :D

  2. Good luck Sherm! You look so handsome in harness. That's so cool they get a chance to "test drive" the harness.


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