Saturday, April 25, 2009

A new addition to the neighborhood

The couple across the street’s 12 year old black lab died a few weeks ago. So last weekend they got a new puppy. He is a 6 week old black lab and is adorable. Puppies are the best medicine when you send a dog off to college. The puppy’s name is Cole and is so much fun to watch. I love how puppies bound and pounce when they are out walking in the yard. When they brought him home they let their other lab and Cole meet in our yard since it was no one’s territory. He was so calm and little. I get to play with him about once a day. He is still tiny, but now he has a lot of energy. He is a puppy on the go. His owner said they have tried to get him to cuddle with them and he does not like it. I got down on the ground and he was just crawling all over me. Giving me lots of puppy kisses. He is going to be a great playmate for my next puppy which should make Ely very happy.

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