Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last Friday

Last Friday, it was cloudy and there were supposed to be bad thunderstorms, so we had a quiet day at home. After going for a walk, Sherman slept most of the morning away. He played outside for a little while in between the rain, but seemed to enjoy just laying around chewing on his bone. Friday night we went out to dinner with my parents to Just Fresh. He was lying down under the table while we were eating and there were two little girls who walked by. All that Sherman moved was his tail. After dinner we went to Omega sports to get a pair of shoes and talked to the manager who was interested in raising a puppy. After we were done there we made a stop at Kay Jewels. Sherman got bored so he took a nap. All in all it was a pretty quiet day. There was a bee in the flowers that he was watching. In front of Just Fresh. Being a good boy.

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