Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sherman's last day

Sherman’s last day with me started with, of course, breakfast and playing in the yard. We then went on a really long walk. Once we got back I packed Sherman’s bag and finished up his paper work to send with him. Once all that was done we went back outside to play some more. At 2, he got his last meal with me and then we left our house for the last time. We made a pit stop at my dad’s office building so that he could say good bye to Sherman. Then we were on our way to my area coordinator’s parent’s house. They were going down to Florida anyway and offered to take Sherman back. We got there around 3:30 and said my last good bye. Sherman had no problems going with them and never looked back to make sure I was ok, which was a really good thing. No matter how many puppies you raise, it never gets any easier. Once we got home, poor Ely looked all over the house for Sherman; he even looked in the bath tub for him. He does not understand where Sherman is. Before dropping him off (sunglasses are great when turning in a puppy)
My goofy little Sherman
Such a handsome boy
They love each other
Sherman with his packed bag
His last bowl of food with me
He still looks like a puppy
Most of his stuff that when back with him.
His cute little paw


  1. study hard Sherman, don't party too hard with your roomie! Make your mama proud!

  2. Good luck Sherm! I love the paw pic. I'll have to remember the sunglasses thing!

  3. I'm almost weepy and I don't even know him. How do you do it? :)


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