Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Chance of a lifetime

Last week, a very sweet puppy friend gave us 4 tickets to the Charlotte Bobcat’s game. I went with my dad, sister, Chelsea and her puppy JJ and of course, Sherman. Our seats were on the 5th row behind the hoop. There really was not much room for 2 puppies, so Chelsea and I got called down by one of the security guards. Thankfully it was just to give us new seats, which turned out to be even better. They escorted us to the handicap area and JJ and Sherman had a lot more space and we had a better view. The Bobcats were playing the Orlando Magic whose uniforms were blue, black and white. JJ and Sherman were rooting for their home team without even realizing it. At half time we went and walked around. A guy came up and wanted to know if he could shoot our dogs and pointed to a camera. We said sure and they filmed them for a few minutes, while other people were coming up to take pictures of JJ and Sherman. It turns out that the clip of Sherman and JJ was on national TV. They were on Fox Sports. After halftime Sherman snuggled up next to JJ and went to sleep. They were both so good. We were offered to train several other people’s dogs. The noise, people, or food all over the ground didn’t seem to bother them at all. We could not have asked for better puppies. It was definitely an experience that neither of us will ever forget. I know that I was extremely honored to share it with two special pups, a good friend, and family.
They love being with each other
they had to be touching
Mr. JJ
The game
Time out
Got to keep a paw on him

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