Friday, March 13, 2009

A day full of Snow

The snow started at about 6:00 pm on Sunday night and continued throughout the next morning. Sherman loved playing and eating the snow. He walked out onto our deck and was like “what is this stuff?” He tried to run around, but it had been raining for 3 days straight and now all the water was ice and he kept on sliding. The next morning he got all excited when he went outside and there was even more of that white stuff. He loved just running around eating it. He loved to kill the snowmen by knocking them down. He enjoyed walking around and sniffing all of the new white round friends in the neighborhood. There was even a doggy friend in the front yard that stuck around for about 3 days. He really enjoyed catching snowballs. He was so cute trying to find the snowballs when they landed in the snow. He would have been happy to stay all day outside. After playing in the snow all day, he was one tired puppy. Sherman in the snow
SEGDI license plate with some snow
Mr. Ely and I in the snow
The Sherminator and I in the snow
Sherm playing in the snow

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