Monday, March 16, 2009

Sherman makes a friend (literally)

For my birthday, I got a gift card to Build a Bear for a free animal. We had been to build a bear a few months ago when we were out with some friends and their pups and had built a little black lab to represent Sherman. (I have a stuffed puppy to represent all of my puppies.) Since I had already made an animal, I let Sherman pick out an animal to build. He picked out a really soft lamb (with the help of his Aunt Jessica). He then got to stuff it. With a little encouraging, he put his paw on the peddle to pump the stuffing into the lamb. He then did the heart ceremony (where every heart has to be loved before going into a build a bear. Sherman gave it lots of kisses and it was a damp heart that went into the lamb. It was sown up and the lady who helped us said that he was the first dog to build an animal there. We named it Lambie in honor of Ely’s lamb toy. I do believe Sherman thought it to be quite boring, but he was a little trooper.
Sherman with Lambie (he did a great job leaving it alone in the picture. He knows he is not supposed to play with stuffed animals. He is a great little model)

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