Sunday, March 1, 2009

College days

After talking to a ton of people and waiting, Sherman finally made it to college with me. One of my teachers who was a little leary about Sherman coming at first, completely fell in love with him once she met him. She said he was the sweetest, most well behaved dog she had ever met. He has been so good and enjoys going with me in the morning. He has also gotten exposed to many new experiences. He gets a lot of people exposure on top of riding the elevator and getting a good workout on the stairs and then walking several blocks to get to our next class. Right now they are also constructing a building and doing road work through the middle of campus. At first he was not sure what they were doing, but now he could care less about what is going on. One thing that peaks his interest is that the cross walks beep and talk to let blind individuals know when to go. At first he could not figure out were the noise was coming from, but now he does and just looks up at it. He has been great from the first day about going in and lying down and taking a nap. My teachers forget that he is there, he is so good. I do believe that he is the most popular thing on campus. He has made friends with the security officers and with all of the Student Life employees as well as the Honor Society officers. We have to go see my friend who works in student life to visit and while in her office I take Sherman’s coat off for a quick petting from everyone. I think this is one of his favorite parts of the day. I thoroughly enjoy taking him to class with me and I know he loves coming, too.

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