Monday, March 30, 2009

Fishes and Loaves

Sherman attended a play with me last Saturday. The play was called Fishes and Loaves: Easter Edition. Sherman was super good as always. He slept through the first act, even while people were handing out food that smelled really good. During the second act, I moved down a seat so that he could have a little bit more room. Instead of sleeping, he watched the play. This theatre is not your normal theatre. They have live animals in it. In this play they had donkeys, adorable lambs and even a camel. Sherman was most interested in the lambs during the play and could not figure out what that baaing noise was at first. He also seemed to enjoy watching the rest of the play as well. He was so good during the entire play! Afterwards we talked to a man who was in the play that needs a guide dog. We gave him some information and answered his questions. He seemed really happy to meet a puppy in training and was excited about the possibilities of getting a guide dog.

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