Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sherman and Ely enjoyed their Christmas. Sherman enjoyed going shopping and seeing all the people and especially seeing the man in the red suit. Our family had our annual Christmas Eve-eve chili party. The boys were on their best behavior, though Ely thought that everyone was too close to the chest that has all of their treats on it and no one was giving him anything. On Christmas Eve, Sherman went and slept through the service at church as always. As part of our tradition, we read “The Night before Christmas” on Christmas Eve. I also read the guide dog version of “The Night before Christmas” and put Ely to sleep. On Christmas Day, the boys enjoyed their food as usually. We had breakfast once my grandparents and my sister got here. After that we opened presents. My family said that Sherman and Ely got more presents than anyone else combined, but I can’t help that I love my boys. Sherman enjoyed opening his and Ely’s stocking and then opening their toys. Sherman especially enjoyed his busy buddies Chuckle. It is a toy that is stronger then a Kong and he loves it.
My little raindeer
Ely with his favorite toy
Reading the "Night before Christmas"
Ely not enjoying being santa
Sherman at church After the presents the boys went outside to play with their toys. We then took Sherman to see Marley and Me and he was so cute watching the movie. He loved when Marley was a puppy and would just watch with his ears all up and would turn his head to try to figure out why there was a giant puppy in front of him. Thankfully he lay down and went to sleep and didn’t watch the end of the movie which was too sad. As we were coming out of the theater we saw his friend and fellow puppy in training, Lucky, who was going to watch the movie next showing.
All in all, he had a great Christmas and enjoyed all of his new toys and bones. I think most of all Sherman and Ely enjoyed having everyone together.

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