Monday, March 16, 2009

Therapy Dogs

Back in November, I took Ely to take his therapy dog test. The day of the test I decided to test Sherman as well. We got to the testing site 2 hours early and were numbers 12 and 13. There were around 150 dogs being tested that night. Ely went first and did a great job; passed with flying colors. Sherman went next and was a natural around all of the medical equipment. The medical equipment testers kept on closing in on both Ely and I and he did a great job - just wagging his tail and giving out kisses. Sherman also passed with flying colors. All in all it was a fun night. After waiting a long time, I finally got their therapy dog stuff. Their little ID’s are so cute. I am super proud of both of my little boys. I can’t wait to start back up their reading dog program at our library. The boys loved hearing all of the stories and of course seeing all of the kids! (The library staff misses seeing them every week; they say they need a dog fix!) Ely leaving the food on the floor Ely around the medical equipment
Sherman around the medical equipment
Sherman doing a down stay
Sherman during the supervised separation test
Ely and Shermans's id cards and tags

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