Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanksgiving at the beach

For Thanksgiving our family decided to try something new and go to Myrtle Beach. The weather was perfect, in the mid 70s. Sherman and Ely loved going and staying in a hotel with a view. They spent a good amount of time on the balcony watching the people on the beach. There was an extra bonus, they were renourishing the beach and the boys got to watch the people work along with the hundreds of seagulls that were staying around looking for lunch to be pumped in. The poor boys were so tired from playing on the beach and that they would pass out at night. What Sherman thought of the ride to the beach Sherman on the beach with his happy face
Sherman and Ely on the beach
Sherman on the balcony watching people go by
Sherman on the beach
Ely playing in the ocean
Sherman braved the crowds and went shopping on black Thursday and even went to the Carolina Opry for their Christmas performance. He thought it was pretty boring except the part where there was a dog in the show. Sherman even helped pick up a ton of shells. I could not have asked for better puppies, they were on their best behavior at the hotel and seemed to enjoy themselves. When we were getting ready to leave, Ely just sat down and didn’t want to leave. They are both so happy at the beach.

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