Tuesday, March 17, 2009

River Kidz

On Sunday morning, Sherman attended River Kidz (children’s church at my church). Normally Sherman goes to big church with my parents during the first service, while I teach and then he gets to go to the next service with me as well. Since my parents were out of town Sunday morning, Sherman got to come with me. Everyone loves Sherman at church and he has a HUGE fan club. During our singing he just laid down and went to sleep with 50 kids jumping, singing, and dancing around him. He slept through large group and then just laid down and watched while there were kids sitting all around him during small group. It is amazing what having a cute puppy does to the kids. There are several little girls who are usually very quiet. Sunday they were talking up a storm and were so happy. Note: Our church is NOT a traditional, quiet church. It is has a LOUD band with lots of singing, clapping and moving around. Sherman seems to enjoy every minute there. Even if the concrete floor does get a bit chilly in the winter!
Sherman with 2 of the little girls in my group. Sherman with his security tag.

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